Dream mansion, Beyonce´s new home in Bridgehampton, New York.

Today I decided to post about a very luxury dream mansion. It has been rented by Beyonce and her husband. The famous singer wanted some more space with a garden and a pool. Normally more difficult to find within a big city as it is New York. This dream mansion features 12 bedrooms, the master suite is 2.800 sqf. It is a really elegant and timeless home. What I love most about it is the very cozy feeling the whole house has to it. It is done with high end interior design but it is not overwhelming. The colors have been selected very carefully, there is a lot of white and blue. The high ceilings help to create an atmosphere of splendor and big spaces. There is a lot of room but also the open concept really helps to make the spaces even look bigger. There is no such thing as too much color or too many furnitures, everything has been selected very carefully. So let us stroll through this dream mansion and see for ourselves what it would be like to live in this elegant and timeless home.



This dream mansion has a tennis court and an outside pool. Also apart from large gardens and a pool house, so how much more could you ask for?

Some color in this elegant dining room, but still within the line of a luxury beach home. The combination of blue and white is just perfect here.

Also the antique dining table gives it a very majestic look.

This kitchen has an open concept, perfect for such a large home, enough space to work and for the family to have their meals.

This office space has a more serious look to it. Maybe I would have done it more beach style, but still it looks very elegant.

This living room has been done with a very classic high end interior design concept. But still the combination of creme colors and very soft and discreet patterns makes it look just perfect. Did you notice the hardwood floor?

Very beautiful with a creme color rug on top.

The master suite as well a combination between blue and creme colors. So elegant and stylish for this dream mansion.

This dream mansion needs a proper dressing room for the star. So here it is, more then plenty of space to dress up.

I love the marble work on the floor, also the natural light. Everything in this dream home has been done with so much love to detail.

One of the guestrooms in this dream mansion, plenty of space to make yourself feel at home. Discreet and elegant as the rest of the house.

Here you can get yourself a massage, enjoy the sauna.

There is even a fireplace, so how much more luxury could you ask for?

The pool at the backyard, I have to say it was really easy to fall in love with this elegant dream home. But still wait untill we see the pool house, there is so much luxury and style to this home. I really believe it has been done with love to detail and a clear vision of what high end interior design is all about.

So what did my dear readers think about this luxury dream home. I really liked it, there is plenty of space, the interior design has been done with a lot of details which match perfect. Also the election of colors and patterns from the soft furnishings is absolutely unique, well done!

Waterfront home, beach house with inspiring design!

This is not the first time I am writing about a waterfront home, I had posted some articles before about luxury beach houses. But the post today is about a house which would match anybodys taste. It is a timeless waterfront home, with a very calm and elegant atmosphere. All the rooms have natural light, there is a lot of space as it is a two-storey house. It has all the details you would expect to see in a beach house. There is a very light and carefully balanced decoration concept. As a result, the home is calm and timeless. The dominating colors are blue and white. All the furniture are custom made, the master suite has absolutely stunning views. I believe it is a home to live in summer as well as in winter. The design is so refreshing and offers a lot of  details. The kitchen is open concept, it is all about the sea-breeze and a walk at the beach. So let me guide you through this luxury and timeless waterfront home. And see if you can imagine as well as I do to live there for the rest of my days…


The house looks perfect at night as well, very majestic up the hills.

Also the bushes there help you feel being close to nature.

The entrance from the natural designed waterfront home, natural materilas such as wood and steel. I love the millwork at the stairs.

The hardwood floor is perfect to keep the kitchen clean. Also pure white makes it so much more beach-house style. Perfect!

Natural light, soft colors, this living room is just perfect!

A truly watefront home inspired design.

The dining room is flooded with light. It is the perfect space to have lunch at the sunlight or diner with full moon. Maybe I would have put a plain rug? But still as we are visiting a waterfront home it is perfect.

This living room has  more male and formal aspect to it. But the creme and brown colors work well. Above all, it is a male-inspired living room in a luxury waterfront home.

Have a look at the beds, the beds offer some extra storage space. Love the combination of the colors!

Soft colors in this luxury waterfront home, timeless and elegant. A space where many people could easily feel at home.

Transitional home with neutral interior design!

After having seen so many stunning homes, this transitional home has caught my eye. It is one of these homes you just fall in love with straight away. It is not only the interior design concept, it is also the use of colors. This home has a very timeless and elegant feeling to it. It is beach-inspired, but also has some urban elements to it. Take a tour and let me know what you think.


The entrance from this transitional home looks quiet fun, love the white columns, very majestic!

The hallway is very neutral, take a look at the hardwood floor, it spreads throughout the whole house.

A vintage furniture as a side drawer at the other end of the hall. The glass bottle and the seashell give the entrance from this transitional home a more informal atmosphere.

The light blue chairs at the entrance give this space a bit of color. So far this transitional home seems to have a lot to offer.

As any other transitional home, the kitchen is open concept with a lot of storage space. Which is always usefull when you have a big family or invite people over. Here again, the hardwood floor in the kitchen is very efficient.

There is nothing more clean and beautiful then a white marble countertop. The kitchen has a lot of space, also includes a little informal sitting area, ideal to have light lunch.

When it comes to spaces like an open concept kitchen, you can go for more strong colors.

These neutral colors make it look a bit too discreet.

Love the soft lights underneath the kitchen cabinets.

Next to the kitchen is the formal dining room, which is being held in a more transitional and rustic manner. As a result, the combination of natural wood and plain colors looks just perfect.

The print on the curtains gives this room a more formal atmosphere as the rest is all very discreet. Also the wool rug on the floor with neutral colors makes it a very calm and relaxing space.

Why not use this space as an informal living room for entertaining?

This transitional home follows all the basic rules about interior design. As a result, everything is in perfect harmony.

Living rooms should better have wall light. I am not crazy about this big bulks on the ceiling.

The master bedroom from this transitional home has  very natural and cozy feeling to it. Maybe I would have changed the tapestry from the small chairs.

Lake house, a luxury home with love to details!

Anybody who dreams about living in a house instead of an apartment. Could easily dream about a lake house. Living next to the water is something really inspiring and normally very calm. The connection with nature is  just at your doorstep. You feel the same when you live in a beach house. But a lake house still is very different. You do not feel the change of season so much as in a beach house. The home I am writing about today has been designed with lots of love to details. Everything fits in perfect. I like the way the design has been done as there is only one main color, which has been applied. Grey can come in as much as 50 shades of grey. And in this luxury lake house it is a true success story. Grey is not a sad color, it stands for calm, elegant, discreet. This lake house has a lot of space, all the rooms have a very open concept lay-out. The tall ceilings and the natural light help to create a very calm and relaxing atmosphere. It is not the typical lake house you would see in the movies.


This has an almost gothic touch to it, but don-t judge the book by the cover. Let us walk into this luxury lake house. See what 50 shades of grey can hold in store for us in the surprise-department.

The high ceilings help to make the space even look bigger. In addition,the grey colors and shades make it look very cozy and elegant.

A fireplace is something very necesary in a lake house, as it can get very cold in South Carolina. So this is a more modern version but matches just perfect.

Can you imagine living in this luxury lake house with the fire place on in cold winter?

I very much like the hardwood flooring, it is very resistent and perfect for this elegant lake house. The natural stone with which it has been built matches the hardwood floor very well. Furthermore, take a look at the dark hardwood floor.

The kitchen is open concept as the rest of this luxury lake house, hardwood floor all over the place.

Lots of space, all grey and elegant.

This is a perfect example of how well and old furniture can match a modern and simple home.


 This small vanity table is in the master bedroom. The elegant lake house has so many details which have been very well designed.

The master bedroom comes with 50 shades of grey as the rest of the house. It is a huge space with big windows to let natural light come in, which is so important. Also the antique silk rug matches perfect with the rest of the room.

 The bathroom from the master suite, simple yet elegant, all perfect in this luxury lake house!

So what did my dear readers think about this luxury lake house? I really love the way it has been designed, lots of natural light. Love to details, elegant furniture, huge spaces, open concept, almost perfect!

Luxury modern home, pure white with huge spaces!

Luxury can come in may different forms and colors. Today I am posting about a very modern and minimal style home which is in New York City. An apartment which has been a pre-war condo. The interior designer transformed it into a  very luxury and modern space. As a result, it  features 4 bedrooms, the basic color is white. As a result, there is no room too overloaded or too cold. I would describe it as a luxury modern home. It has a very clear high-end interior design concept, which is all about very little color. It is about discreet furniture and an open concept. Every room is very clear defined. This luxury modern home has a clear open concept lay-out. The color white helps to make this big space look even bigger. Here we have a clear example that a luxury modern home does not have to look boring at all. First of all, I personally like more the classic high-end interior design. But I have to admit that I admire the luxury feeling this home has to it. So let us have a stroll through this natural light flooded luxury place.


Plain white, with a modern twist by the paintings on the wall.

Due to the artwork, this room has become a sexy and elegant space.

The kitchen is all about high-end appliances. Modern design and black and white.

Black seating, steel appliances, white walls.

The dining room has a perfect balance between white walls and dark hardwood floor. Because of these very sleek chairs, it looks much more modern.

How much more elegance and style could you ask for in this luxury modern home?

The dining room is perfect in this modern home, just a modern painting on the wall. Here we can see that high-end interior design is not about expensive antique furniture. In addition, it is about knowing how to put the pieces together.

Have a look at this dark hardwood floor, perfect the combination with the plain white walls. Simple and modern, yet cozy and elegant.

A perfect idea to cut a very long hallway short? Just put some coffee table books on the shelf and make it look stunning!

The master bedroom in this luxury modern home is just as elegant and simple as the rest of this centric condo.

Modern and spacious.

This kids bedroom has a lot of natural light, which is so important. The space has the perfect distribuition.

Can you see that white can work miracles?

Another view from the first bedroom, high-end interior design in a very modern form.

A bit of color at last in the second kids bedroom. Seems like a touch of light blue has done this room a lot of good.

The office space from this luxury modern home, a very serious and male approach. As a result, this space is sleek and timeles.

Basic cottage with neutral black and white interiors!

I have always had a thing for second residences. I very much love beach houses, but also this basic cottage has caught my eye. What I like most about it is the fact that it is very comfortable and easy looking. There is no deco clutter, no overloaded spaces.


I do love this basic cottage because of the fact that it is all very french inspired, very simple yet it feels very familiar and timeless.

It is much bigger inside then it seems from the outside. Let me walk you through this elegant home and you will soon see how much a very basic cottage can surprise you.

The entrance is all about black and white, just as the rest of the home. I love the very rustic and basic rugs, they are made from coco so very enviromental friendly.

Long hallways have always something very misterious about them. Just take a look how cozy this space feels and at the same time it is not overloaded.

In order to make the staircase a more special place. You could put a rug there but only if you feel as if the plain stairs are too cold.

Kitchens in homes like this basic cottage should always have lots of room to have friends. Just sitting there and talking for hours.

The staircase is perfectly integrated in the kitchen, I love the fact that it is being hidden just behind the cupboards.

The colors from this basic cottage are all about black, white and cream but they match so well, stunning!

This space could be used as a very informal room to have lunch. I would not use it for dinner, even though this is a basic cottage.

Still you would want your guests to be comfortable.

Huge sofas and lots of cushions make any living room a very familiar space.

A fireplace is not only perfect for winter, it also brings a lot of familiar atmosphere into this basic cottage.

Deco and clutter make homes very unique, we all carry far to much fotographs and bits and pieces we resist to toss. But then this is what live is all aobut, making memories and keeping them.

How much different would this hallway be with all the family pics and the white vintage bench?

No basic cottage could be more luxury and glamourous. This is the perfect space to rest and to really calm down. Love the leather chairs!

A very informal sitting area in the master bedroom, ideal to use it not only for sleeping but also ideal to get a book at night and just enjoy the silence.

Very french!

Designer home in Miami Beach!

The home I am writing about today is located at  Biscayne Bay, close to Miami. As it is so close to Miami Beach, it has all the advantages which you can imagine. The idea from the home owners before building the house was to get a home which is family-orientated,. Asimple yet elegant place to spend time with friends and family. It has 25 rooms in total, so not really something you should consider a simple home. But still as we stroll along it is easy to see that the home. Even though it has all the luxury you could wish for, is non-pretentious. It is a very elegant and stylish house with high-end interior design. As it is so close to Miami Beach, it is easy to drive to the next big city. There is a lot of natural light coming in, very typical in the Miami Beach area. As a result,  the home has a luxury and elegant feeling to it. The whole interior design concept is about light colors, it is about high-end interior design.


This is very Miami Beach, very neutral colors, light furniture. The combination of these elements helps you to create a very relaxed atmosphere.

Also the high ceilings really help you to make the room look even bigger.

The combination here as well helps you to create this very cozy and luxury feeling. Only very carefully mixed colors in this luxury Miami Beach dream home.

The dining room has some unusual colors, the pale pink might look a bit strange at first sight.But then again being so close to Miami Beach and its art deco district for sure had some influence at the high-end interior design.

You might not expect to see this room in this luxury home, but then again it matches perfect the rest of the house. So this is a more man-orientated library. The owners can also use it as an informal living room to entertain.

This bedroom is for guests, enough space for two people, also here some kind of african inspiration.

The master suite is just as luxury as the rest of this dream home. Very carefully mixed colors and fabrics.

This dream home, located next to Miami Beach, has all the high-end interior details one could wish for. It has a lot of natural light, there is a very well achieved mixture of soft furnishings. Light colors and elegant furniture. The whole house is a truly sofisticated mansion, I really liked what I saw. So what do my dear readers think about this luxury home?

Which one is your dream kitchen?

Today I decided to create on of these posts which are all about luxury, dream homes, and especially your dream kitchen. I love to cook and to entertainSo I thought why not post about these spaces where we all spend so much time cooking. Also preparing breakfast for the kids, and sometimes having friends and family over to entertain. These are spaces where high-end interior design really has its own place.                                                           Take a close look not only at the distribution from the spaces. But also the way the cabinets are being designed. So feel free to make your choice and choose your own dream kitchen, and let me know which one is your favourite.


Can you see how simple a dream kitchen can be achieved? Love the countertop white marble. In addition, the dark cabinets bring some high-end interior design drama into this space.

Luxury farmhouse, dream kitchen with hardwood floor, white cabinets and high ceilings. How stunning is this space? Ideal to entertain and to prepare meals but in a very relaxed way, love it.


Polished brass and beautiful cabinet drawers, how about the luxury version of a white kitchen? Does this space not almost feel like a living room? Can you see how stunning and elegant it is?

Take a look at the backsplash.

What do you think about this open concept dream ktichen. Also the hardwood floor is ideal when it comes to cleaning.

Bleached oak, grey tiles, open concept. Take a look at the skylight, and also have you taken notice of the breakfast nook? This is like the luxury version of a dream kitchen. Because it hs a very well planned  open concept and natural elements.

Even though you might have seen hundreds of white kitchens with island and marble countertops. This one has something very special to it. The overall design is perfect. Also the details with these two small lamps is one of these things which make the difference between basic and high-end interior design.


Backsplash, love it. The advantage of industrial ovens is the fact that you can cook and roast at the same time. There is almost no limit to preparing meals in there.

Does your dream kitchen have to be white, or can it be grey as well?


High-end interior design is all about details, it is about finishings and the combination of colors and textures.


This is like my version of a luxury high-end interior design dream kitchen, pure white, hardwood floors, hgue island, open spaces.


Fresh flowers and plants bring so much positive energy into any place, how elegant and timeless is this space?


The column visually sepeerates the kitchen from the dining space, love the distribuition.


Grey backsplash, gives this designer kitchen a more seriour touch but at the same time just as elegant as the rest of these ktichens.

Classic Beach Homes, the perfect spot for summer!

Summer has arrived, and I am happy to present to you the most stunning classic beach homes. This is the perfect moment to dive into interior design and see beautiful spaces. Let me walk you through this homes, filled with luxury and elegance.


For all Classic Beach Homes should be applied the same basic interior design rules. Lots of pure white, sand colors, no huge furniture, natural light, hardwood floors.

I love this space but it might have been done a bit more space-efficient. Maybe a round sofa around the bay window.

Classic Beach Homes should not be overloaded with colors or funiture. But this space as it is an open concept looks perfect.

If you are into entertaining friends and love having people around.

Classic Beach Homes can also have a modern touch, as we can see here. The soft furnshings which are being held in a very discreet color go just perfect with the rest of the space,. The fireplace is also a very important element.

You can design your dream home as basic as you wish. As long as it gives you the feeling of being a very cozy and elegant space.

Classic Beach Homes need above all lots of soft furnishings, plain cushions, rugs, open spaces…

I could very well see myself sitting in that chair and listening to somebody playing the piano. Especially on a weekend after a busy week.

Classic Beach Homes do not need to be totally formal, have a close look at this washed out wooden paneled wall.

How much more basic design could you wish for?

This kitchen could also be in an urban home. But still it looks perfect with the white kitchen cabinets, love it.

When it comes to select materials for the bathroom, white marble and very soft colors are always your best bet.

Can you see how basic this bedroom has been designed?  But at the same time it is one of these Classic Beach Homes where you just wish that the summer lasts forever.

You need to be very careful when you design the interiors of any beach home.As this place looks a bit too serious with all that grey.

Are you into fun places, love to entertain in a very informal way, like strong colors and patterns?

Ideal for children and adults, very space-efficient.

Even though you have a big house, interior design is also about using the space the most efficient way. Have you got any inspiration out of these classic beach homes so far?

Blue and white, very beach and summer-vacation inspired.

All your worries are gone when you relax on these beach beds, having a chilled drink…

Beachfront, a dream home for every season!

Are you guys reday for summer? What if somebody would invite you to spend the summer seaon in this magnificent Beachfront mansion? Would you say no? For sure you wouldn-t so let me show you around.

This stunning home is the perfect vacation spot!


This luxury and elegant Beachfront mansion is situated in Palm Beach. A stunning place where you have the feeling that summer is never ending.

Love this elegant staircase, looks perfect with the modern sculpture.

Very big entryways give you not only the sense of space you need when you walk into a home. But also here by visiting this Beachfront manor, you can easily get the feeling of being in a real mansion!

Welcome to Palm Beach!

There is not such thing as lost space in any home. It is just that bigger homes do not need all the rooms to fill them up with furniture or make use of them.

Of course you need a poolhouse. This is not a huge space but big enough in order to put the most important furniture in.

Light blue and white always work perfect.

I am sure any of my readers could spend time there stroll through the garden. Just  let time go by, heal the wounds and be in your thoughts…

Nothing more relaxing then just sitting in the shades and having a cocktail…

I love the very simple yet sofisticated design from the powder room. I love the tiles and the combination with gold.

Maybe the guest room from the Beachfront home could do with some changes. It looks a bit outdated, but it keeps at the same time the old world charme. But these days of huge patterns are totally pase, so just with some changes in terms of tapestry would work miracles.

The same in this room, far too much green and too much leaves and flowers. Beachfront means not only beautiful sourroundings but also the inside needs to be up to date.

I seems as if the color blue has something very beach-relaxing to it. Even though the design of this room is not the last fashion. Still it is less anoying then the rest of the house in terms of tapestry.

I can see this room from this magnificent Beachfront home more like urban townhouse. But not that much by the sea, but once again you can see that soft furnishings is the most important thing in any master bedroom.

Love the huge white walls, Beachfront design does not mean you need to overload the spaces. It has to give you the energy of flowing spaces, of calmness, of peace, of sun and beach.

Why not use this space as an informal sitting room, ideal to receive just one guest.

Can you see how versatile and well planed this Beachfront is?

Breakfast rooms are ideal when you plan to start the day with a very relaxing cup of coffee,. But not with all this green flowers!

The breakfast room has even a small kitchen, ideal for just some croissants and a quick coffee.

My dear readers know how much I like whichte kitchens, see for yourself how clean a white kitchen can look.

This formal dining room has something very majestic and elegant to it. It looks a bit old world like many rooms of this stunning Beachfront, but at the same time I can feel a very nostalgic and timeless touch to it.

Very french!

This could be the more formal sitting room, ideal to listen to the piano and chat with friends.

The perfect combination or light colors, cream and soft shades, classic and timeless.


The formal home office and reception room for work-related visits is far too dark and too serious, the homeowners should not forget that this is a  Beachfront home, so no such things as dark wood or dark tapestry.