Calm House by the Beach!

Don-t you have the feeling that homes by the beach appeal to be visited all year long? Today we are having a close look at a home by the sea, which has been constructed by Brandon Architects, a firm which I really like because of the timeless style. The home consists of 4 bedrooms, so plenty of space to have your friends around. Also there are some spaces which you might at first have the impression as they would not be of great use, but then again these small tiny spaces where you just throw a few informal cushions in a corner or just feel like sitting on the floor reading, these details make a house a real home where you always feel welcome and just relax. So let me take you on a tour through this calm house by the beach. Also take a look at the perfect combination of colors, the spaces have been created with a clear focus of creating a very relaxed and family-friendly atmosphere, so step inside and see if you would have done anything different.


The outside from this stunning beach house has a very timeless feeling to it, love the green and the fence, love everything about it, it is unpretencious and at the same time very stylish and timeless, don-t you agree?


The huge windows let a lot of light in the home, maybe I miss a bit of garden there, but still love it.


How is the for a formal entrance, at the same time you have the feelining of entering a totally informal beach house, very calm and relaxing, nothing too loud, pure white on the walls, stunning.


Have you seen that there is a small wine cooler next to the dining table? This is perfect when you don-t feel like rushing to the kitchen to bring a new bottle to the table, the chairs have a very informal yet comfortable look to them.


The kitchen island offers space to have breakfast there, ideal when you feel like having your first coffee in the morning in a very informal manner. Once again, pure white is the best choice for any kitchen, especially when it comes to open concept spaces. I would have been a bit more daring with the tapestry, maybe even something like leopard or a bright pink would have brought some more life into this calm beach house. But just an idea, looks still perfect.


Do you wish to create a very relaxing atmosphere in a very informal space? Well then you need to go for lots of cushions, for very light and creamy colors, put some plants and some small deco clutter around the space. As for materials and fabrics, only very soft tapestry like velvet, natural linen and natural unstained wook works perfect.


I love the connection between inside and outside, especially in summer you have the sensation as if the spaces where floating seamless into each other. I am missing some orquids, but maybe it is just because of the fact that they are plants I personally find very elegant and discreet at the same time. The TV set is hidden above the fireplace, and as we are all used to see the TV in any home it does not bother me, should you prefer not to see it so obvious just put a painting in front of it.


The kitchen is just flowing into the informal living room, also the natural materials used as the rug or the tapestry create a very relaxing atmosphere, I really love this calm beach house so far.


Take a look at the color sheme, here as well brown and creme are the basics to start off with, afterwards you can put them together with some white, and any color which comes in between. I once again miss a bright fancy spot like some more colorful cushions or maybe the curtains I would have chosen another color, but still ike the whole concept.


Total calm, the interior design concept from this elegant house is all about very relaxing spaces, informal and natural colors.


This spacious bathroom is perfect for a couple, love the bathtub, even though you might not use it daily, you still love to just have it there.


Have you noticed the hardwood floors? Are they not just always the very best solution when you feel like creating a very natural sourrounding?


How perfect is this space? Ideal to have the BBQ inside the home, in case it starts to rain, so fantastic!


Feel like watching a movie or just chatting with friends after the BBQ? Well then take a seat, the tapestry with which these comfy chairs have been upholstered with  follows the color sheme suit, total calm and relaxing.


How is the for an informal fireplace?

Did you enjoy the tour around this calm beach house? Is there anything you would have done different? I personally miss some more fancy colors, maybe some more cushions with a bright and fancy pattern, but overall I really like this home, first of all because of the very well designed and proportioned spaces, and then also because the colors have been chosen so well. The whole house gives you the feeling as it fits anybody, starting with a big family as well as a young couple, it is ideal for entertaining, for just having a good time. There is only one thing I have difficulties imagining, working in there, with all the informal spaces it offers to have drinks and read a book, I am not sure I would be able to bring all the workload I got to this calm beach house…