Timeless waterfront home, a beautiful place for summer!

Summer has just arrived! So let us all dream about a stunning vacation home. This timeless waterfront home is not only perfect for the summer season. I could very well see myself spending all the weekends there. So let me know if you feel the same!


This stunning and timeless waterfront home is just perfect from the outside. And also the inside hides a perfect balance between modern and classic, between beach and sun. Between open spaces and comfortable zones. Let me show you around and enjoy this elegant home even if it was just for a short time.


The pool is a very important element in any home, it is perfect to have a dip in summer. On the other hand, it feels just so relaxing when you just look at it and dream away, I always had the feeling as if the water was an element which seems to absorbe all our worries. Have you never felt just standing at the beach and talking to the waves?

The entrance is made with a clear inspiration which comes from open concept mixed with a very modern beach design.

The colors range from white to grey, also the piano is perfect for the entrance.


As I said so many times, and this timeless waterfront home proves it once again. Interior design is all about creating an atmosphere, the colors are in perfect harmony with the rest of the room.

There is nothing more relaxing then having a coffee first thing in the morning. Just looking outside the window and dreaming away.

This kind of kitchen is ideal when you like to entrain and having friends over.

There is no better color then white for any kitchen. Even more when it has sourroundings like sand and water, as we can see here in this timeless waterfront home.

Butlers pantries are very efficient, even more when it comes to such a big home. You can easily store away quickly the dirty plates and things you don-t want to lay around at the table.

I might have chosen a different wall paneling for the dining room. The olive wood does just not seem to be the right choice.

Entertaining spaces are all about sitting together in an informal space, this has more a home office touch to it.

Pure perfection, simple and plain colors, high ceilings, soft furnishings.

The master bedroom is informal and timeless, but at the same time it is elegant and feels cozy.

Pure heaven, clean, simple and beautiful.

Guest bedrooms should be just as inviting as the rest of the home. This space has a very natural and inviting feeling.

I do believe that this rug is a bit out of place. But still the room has a lot of natural light.

The basement is totally finished and carries a second laundry room. A space for entertaining, a bar, an indoor pool, so it really leaves no wish to be fulfilled.


This timeless waterfront home is the perfect place if you wish to disconnect and to spend some time with friends in summer.

Ideal for informal entertaining like drinks in the afternoon.

There is even a poolhouse, which can be used to acomodate your guests.

The poolhouse has the same timeless design as the rest of the home, plain yet elegant colors and very simple design.

Why would you wish to fill the poolhouse with clutter, when it is only a space where you spend littel time?

Beach House Inspiration, beautiful homes by the sea!


When it comes to Beach House Inspiration, there are really no fixed rules. Apart from the fact that you really should only use very soft colors and have as much natural light as possible.

Any style goes when it comes to a home by the sea, you can go for something with very straight lines. Or you can just have the total informal look with huge cushions thrown on the floor. What style would you choose?

Beach House Inspiration is more about open spaces. It is about natural light, the interior design needs to be reduced to the very basic, no overloading!

This is pure heaven on earth, a pool is something you need to have at your beach house. So this is the perfect ideal when the plot has a strange form.

Or you like to go for something much more narrow.

The small space from this terrace is very useful, you just need to know how to put pieces together. Pure white goes well with the beautiful sourroundings. It seems the perfect connection between heaven and earth.

Informal, inviting, calm, this is Beach House Inspiration on a very basic level. But still looks perfect.

Here again, very plain colors, nothing too overloaded, very soft objects, nothing too big. Pure Beach House Inspiration on a very cozy level.

Even though you might normally go for very luxury desig. But can you get the picture from this stunning bedroom, can you see how fantastic basic design can look like?

Down to the basics, nothing to be added, this is pure joy and beauty at the same time.

This space is a bit more formal, but still it is not stiff, looks fantastic.

You almost feel as if you were sitting at the beach, this is so timeless.

This is paradise on earth, I could well imagine spending some time there and relax.

This seems a very edgy and modern space, almost out of space inspired. On the other hand, love the flow of this space.

Beach House Inspiration comes with very natural and light colors. Light blue and cream are the best choices.

Bedrooms have always been spaces where you need to find peace and rest.

Here again light blue and some white, could not look better.

Outdoor spaces are perfect for Beach homes because you can have your meals there and just enjoy yourself.

Do you like the indonesian Bali Style better, well then you should go for more teak wood and orquids.

Luxury family estate, a dream home with timeless design!

Today my post is all about true luxury, it is about a luxury family estate to die for. This is the ultimate home everybody dreams about. There is nothing that has to be changed in this majestic mansion. We are talking about 22.000 sqf, high end interior design and love to details. It is a new construction in California, a huge dream home which offers everything you can dream about.l A garage for up to 15 cars, a tennis court, a home cinema, a huge open concept kitchen. The interior design concept in this luxury family estate is all about neutral colors. It is about discreet luxury and calm open spaces.

The very high ceilings make the big rooms even look bigger, there is space to entertain.

There is space enough for a pool house and also guest suites. The colors are basically all creme, beige and white. It is still for sale so it could be yours for 34 mio. dollars. Threre might be missing a few pieces like paintings on the wall or rugs on the floor, but you get the feeling when you walk through this luxury family estate that it has been created with a lot of consideration for details and comfortable spaces. All the rooms are really huge, but you never get the feeling of being lost in this elegant dream home. Let me walk you through the main entrance and see what pure luxury in an elegant mansion can mean.



This is the driveway to this luxury family estate, let-s wait and see what is hiding behind those gates.

This is a breathtaking view from this dream mansion,  a luxury home with a real impressive entrance, the arquitecture seems to be inspired by the colonial homes.


The pool is so majestic, the whole aspect from outside of this dream home is so inspiring. Difficult to find the words to express the feelings you have when you see such a luxury family estate.

A modern twist to this classic home, mirrored banquets with glass vases on top.

Also the creme and brown marble make a perfect harmony with the rest of the space.

This kitchen is perfect as being so timeless. Pure white and also the hardwood florr makes it look so simple yet with so much love to details. Just take a look at the countertops black marble. It  goes so well with the white cabinets, how much perfection in this luxury family estate!

There is even space for a big living room next to the kitchen, the modern sofas work so well with the rest of the rest. Plain grey, no need to overload this space with big patterns, less is always more!

Hardwood floor here as well, a long hallway which is paneled with timeless millwork. Everything is perfect in this luxury family estate, nothing to be changed.

The timeless elegance sweeps throughout all the home, classic furniture but with a modern twist.

The library has a more serious design, but matches with the rest of this dream home, the bookshelf needs to be filled yet.

Ideal if you fancy a movie at home. Maybe it would have been a good idea to put more seats in there, but the space looks calm.

The master suite has the same design concept as the rest of this luxury family estate.

A huge space with a very calm and timeless atmosphere.

Looks more like another living room, the master bathroom is as breathtaking as the rest of this timeless mansion. White marble and huge spaces make it look so beautiful!

The shower from the master suite, timeless.

Perfect for drinks after the workout, a beautiful bar next to the gym, also you can sit there watching your friends sweat…

Stunning Beach Cottage, ideal for summer!

As the summer has arrived, I do believe we are all in the mood for a summer home. It  is all about vacation, summer, the ocean and relaxing. It is one of these timeless homes where you just want to relax.Also  spend time with friends, have drinks and make yourself home. This house is ideal for families and people who love to have company. It is filled with natural light.                                                                                                                                  And what I love most about it is the discreet way things are organized. Let me take you on a tour and see for yourself if you would be able to spend your summer there. Or if you would change anything on the inside. This house offers a lot of elegant details, it has been created not only for summer. Maybe you would be able to spend the whole year in there, I can feel a very comfortable and cozy atmosphere. There is no room too formal or too overloaded.


This stunning beach cottage has this all-year-round feeling to it. I love the idea of spending  summer there. But I can as well imagine to live the all year long. Most of all the fireplace makes you feel comfy in winter.

The kitchen is just as timeless as the rest of the house. I can well see the combination between classic with a modern twist, this is the best way that you never stop loving the interior design. Hardwood floors are elements I use very often in the homes  I design. Above all, the combination with the white furniture looks fantastic. As a result, this stunning beach cottage is liveable all year round.

The breakfast nook is just off the kitchen, love the rustic table made from solid wood.

The dining room has an informal touch to it. Also, the plain tapestry makes if feel very light. Love the natural light coming in.

The formal living room is ideal for entertaining. You can have drinks there before dinner.

Love the combination of these very discreet patterns and colors.

The combination with very light and plain patterns makes the living room from this stunning beach cottage  timeless.

Relaxing, perfect for a rainy day.

Do you love geometric patterns as much as I do?


Interior design is all about details, it is about creating the perfect atmosphere.

Can you feel the positive energy flowing through this home?

I am  a huge fan of sunburst mirrors. This part of this stunning beach cottage has a very informal approach to it. As a result, there is no room where the interior design concept like looses the guideline of informal yet elegant and timeless.

Soft tapestry is the most important element for any classic bedroom, lots of pillows and sheets.

More tapestry and once again plain colors.

Renovated Coastal Home with classic interior design!

The renovated coastal home we are looking today is just perfect for summer! I love the interior design, the open space concept and the natural light. This is one of these very calm homes, where you feel at ease straight away. All the spaces are very inviting, it is all about making you feel welcome. The rooms are having a very soft color palette, no loud or fancy pattern. On the other hand, it is all about very relaxed living. So let me take you on a tour, and see if you like it as much as I do. Interior design can be a lot of fun when you mix it with coastal living. So take a look for yourself and see if you can imagine living there. The home is ideal for vacation but I could also live there all year long.

Ruediger Benedikt

I love the entrance form this renovated coastal home. All about white, blue and creme. Also the naural wood on the stair railing and the hardwood floor give it a very cozy touch.

The entrance is very inviting, love the combination of blue and white. The lamp picks up the blue turquoise shade from the rug. Perfect.

The kitchen is basic and functional. The rug brings some more life into it.

I love open spaces, this renovated coastal home offers an eat-in kitchen. The bar stools could have a different pattern, maybe something more blue and white.

Would you change anything in the media room? In terms of timeless interior design, I consider it a bit too basic. I could do with some beach-inspired cushions at least.


The master suite offers natural light. What do you think, is this renovated coastal home too basic for you?

Luxury dream home, a house with elegant interior design!

The house I am presenting today is a luxury dream home, the kind of place you feel as if you could live in there without changing anything.The construction time was about one year. I can very well imagine this luxury dream home being next to the beach but also in any suburb of a big city. The interior design is very classic but not boring. It has a lot of high-end interior design details not to be missed, also the combination of textures and colors is very well achieved. The house has 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, so there is a lot of space to enjoy yourself. The natural light helps a lot to make the spaces look even bigger. There is nothing I would have changed so far. I would consider it a very chic yet basic family residence. A place where you can invite friends over. Nothing is too overloaded or looking to much as it has been designed by an antiquarian. So let us take a tour through this luxury dream home and see if there is anything worth improving. All the spaces have a very generous layout. The high ceilings and the almost White painting on the walls make it a very comfortable home where you for sure enjoy living in.


This luxury dream home looks as if it has always been there, very majestic and elegant.

 The entrance is just what you would expect. No need to fill up this space with furniture or other decoration ítems.

 The kitchen has a modern concept, it is an open space where you can have breakfast and all the meals. Also the natural light which is coming in helps to créate a much more cozy atmosphere.

The kitchen has also space to take your meals, the view into the garden is a very important element here. The White marble countertops make are very efficient, much better than silestone.

I love this living room, the rug on the floor goes perfect with the classic furniture.

It is simply a very luxury dream home!

  This luxury dream home has an open-concept kitchen which also leads into a cozy living room.

 This living room in this luxury dream home is very in-temporal. Yet elegant and is being used to watch tv or as library.

So what do you think about this luxury dream home, I believe that it is decorated with grace and elegance. The spaces have a well balanced lay-out and also there is lots of natural light coming in. The furnitures don-t overload the spaces, so it is really a home where you could feel very comfortable. I am sure within years to come this luxury dream home will still have the same value.

Modern home by the sea!

Normally when it comes to interior design, you expect to see a modern home in big cities. These houses are mostly in the center of big towns. But today I decided to surprise you. This modern home is close to the sea. It features high-end interior design, and has very modern and sleek design. The colors are all soft and plain, very beach-orientated. This is one of those houses by the beach where you would expect something like very classic and trendy. It is a stunning home, it is a modern home and it features high-end interior design. Take a tour and see for yourself. Is this what you expect when somebody describes a modern home by the sea to you? See for yourself.


This is one of a kind kitchen. Love the island, love the simple and basic interior design. This modern home has a lot to offer, I can well see myself spending summer there…

High-end interior design sometimes is about taking things off, or not even adding them on. This space is all about breathing the air from the Ocean.

Just take a close look at the creme rug with the blue ribbon! Can you see how much love to detail is in this modern home!

Stunning staircase, warm and cozy.

This modern home is about very few colors and simple elements. Love it!

Hardwood floors, blue walls, combined with white. Beach!

                                   The home office just as the rest of this beautiful place by the sea. Total basic, cool, fun, easy, and comfortable.

    Open concept living room, blue and white, basic colors but stuning.


This bedroom is just what you would expect, light blue and white. Perfect for this stunning house  by the sea.

How much more could you ask for?

Luxury masterpiece, a modern home with high-end design!

Having designed the interiors of so many mansions, it is difficult for me to find a home which leaves me breathless. But I luckily found a luxury masterpiece today which I want to share with my readers. It is a very serious and male inspired home, it is all about little but dark colors. It is about discreet furniture perfectly put together. The huge spaces are flooded with dayligh. There is nothing I would do different. The mastersuite is a two storey space which even has a sauna and a gym. All the more public entertainment areas are stunning. It is a clear example that little color and huge spaces can work together in perfect harmony. No room in this luxury masterpiece as big as it might seem looks empty. There is nothing missing in this faboulos mansion. This luxury masterpiece has no need to be filled up with antique furniture or paintings.

The spaces are just perfect, as there are only a few art pieces and nothing is too overpacked.

We can see a lot of brown and all its shades, there is some small spots of black and some grey. But the basic color which has been applied is brown. Also all the natural materials like stone, marble, wood and lots of glass make this luxury masterpiece an elegant and timeless mansion. So let me walk you through this breathtaking house. See what you can get when you are willing to move to Salt Lake City and able to spend more then 9 mio. dollars.


This home has something majestic and elegant to it, a real palace of a faitytale. But the new millenium version.

The outside is so stunning, but also non-pretentious.

Calm and inspiring, natural stone here as well.

Flooded with natural light makes this timeless yet modern entrance look even much better.

Have a look at the door, there is so much harmony in this luxury masterpiece.

Here as well, it is all about the necesary pieces nothing more, creme colors.

Very light patterns, open spaces, how much more perfection could you wish for?

Even though this is a very big and open concept space. You don-t have the feeling of getting lost in this luxury masterpiece. There is just so much harmony and love to detail. Also the hardwood floor is a perfect choice in combination with the light marble.

Words could not describe the harmony and the love I get from this space. All the details are pure elegance, especially the use of natural stone and marble makes this luxury masterpiece so beautiful.

Have a look at this stunning aquarium, this is the entertainment area on the basement.

The carpet on the floor helps to take the noise away.

The plain colors make this space look so comfy and calm.

One of the guestrooms, as the rest of this luxury masterpiece. The color creme is the basic where to start from, the rest takes care of itself.

Impossible not to feel at ease, natural materials which make anybody feel very comfortable. Brown can come in a lot of shades.

Huge spaces as well in the master suite of this luxury masterpiece. It has a gym and a saune, his and her-s bathroom, as well as walk in closets, a dream home.

The office space is modern but also cozy. There is nothing I would do different in here as well as in the rest of this luxury masterpiece.

Luxury Hilltop Manor, a stunning home in Minnesota!

With idyllic views of the Minnesota River valley, this new home commands elevated views seldom seen in the Minneapolis suburbs. The site is long and steep (including its own ski hill and tow rope), with much effort being placed on proper siting. To maximize the views, we designed a curving floor plan and large expanses of glass facing the valley, with a more subtle entry facade. A rooftop terrace with fireplace accessed via ships ladder is a favorite destination for viewing the breathtaking sunsets. So why don-t we take a tour and see what this luxury hilltop manor is all about. I like the idea of a very rustic design approach, and at the same time it is very cozy and timeless.

So let me walk you through this beautiful home and see what you think.


Can you imagine what this stunning home is like on the inside? I love the arquitecture, I love the whole design. Sourrounded by green, paradise!

The main entrance is so majestic, really love this creme color from the walls.

Can you see that this stunning and luxury hilltop manor was inspired by a medieval castle? Do you get the feeling of this old rustic chateaus in France?

I have to say I am blown away by this double height living room. Interior design works best when you know how to combine the space with the furniture. It is about creating the perfect atmosphere, it is never about filling the space.

Take a close look at these rustic beams, this is all so stunning. Pure luxury in an open concept home.

Rustic and open concept spaces work best with little furniture. This stunning and timeless space is perfect as colors and materials match perfect.

Interior design is all about details. Take a look at the candles and chest drawer.

The perfect combination between space and textures.

The master suite has this french country house feeling to it. This luxury hilltop manor has so much love to details. Can you see the color sheme in there. It is all aobut brown, about leather and cashmere, about a very discreet carpet. It is the perfect balance in every room which makes this home so timeless. The rustic approach leads to classic design, with a timeless twist.

In order to create the perfect atmosphere, it is important to combine the furniture with the spaces you work on. This room combines natural wood, stones and soft fabrics.

The kitchen can also be used as an informal entertaining area. Here as well, this luxury hilltop mansion offers rustic interior design, with a timeless twist.

Tons of counterspace. Ideal to prepare meals for a large crowd!

This living room could do better with some bigger furniture. I think about some 3-seater sofas. What do you think?

The high ceilings let so much natural light in, just so beautiful.

The informal library can also serve as home office. Soft colors, timeless interior design.

Even though the master bathroom is not as rustic as the rest of this luxury hilltop manor, it works.

                                                       In terms of colors and textures it fits in perfect with the rest of the house.                                                                                                                  

Can you feel the elegance and majesty from this luxury hilltop manor?

Source:  Murhpy Co. Design

Classic house in Dallas for sale!

This elegant, gated estate sited on 3.3 beautiful acres on Strait Lane is among the most noted homes in Dallas. The classic house underwent extensive renovations from 2001 to 2003. From the limestone finish stucco exterior to the reworking of the interior floorplan – to include antique fireplaces from France. All the money necesary to create this stunning home is well invested. The beautiful entry foyer has double walnut doors leading to a spacious room.  French limestone flooring and a gorgeous staircase are the same as in a museum from Paris. The foyer leads to an elegant formal living room and a warm and inviting family room. Also there are  two galleries on each side of the residence. The living room has tall windows viewing the manicured and lush front lawn and gardens, with an 18th century Louis XV marble fireplace. The living room leads to a lovely library with a 17th century Louis XIII fireplace.

It is made  in limestone and custom walnut cabinets that are beautiful furniture pieces.

The library and living room are adjacent to the south gallery, which has rare Garbled Marble flooring and beautiful chandeliers. This then leads to the bar and outside loggia. The custom bar and cabinetry has walnut walls, custom burled walnut ceiling, and a 17th century fireplace in limestone. The bar opens to the back and side terraces, both wonderful outdoor living areas. There is a spacious antique brick wine cellar with groin vault ceiling. It is situated next to the heart of the home, the family room. It has a Renaissance Style fireplace in limestone, custom drapery, and walnut coffered ceiling.


Can you see how stunning and stylish this classic house is? It just seems as if it was the perfect copy from the white house, so just wait untill we step inside.

It is not as big as the original but it has a lot of style and old charm to it….

Love the cozy entrance, it is not overloaded but still like it. Take a look at the railway from the stairs, forged iron, so beautiful and classic.

Details, this is what interior design is all abou. I can very well see myself opening these doors in the morning and say hi to a new day.

One of the sitting rooms, a lot of old charm, needs updating. Even though I believe this classic house has a lot of charming details which need to be appreciated.

Take a look at the bar, can yo feel the old hotel-style it has? I love the dark wood, it feels so cozy and natural. I can well imagine old business men sitting there and negotiating deals, love it.

Oh my god, these huge sofas these days don-t exist anymore. But I have to say I miss this old dusty style, and in the old days all the rich and famous had their homes decorated this way. Now we see it as outdated, but once we loved it…

The breakfast room next to the open concept kitchen, this classic home has so much to offer.

I just feel as if times stands still and you feel as if you were in another world, can you feel the same?

How is this for an old style kitchen? Can you see how well built this classic house is. Can you see how charming it is, it might look a bit old, but love the outdated style in this particular home.

So charming, light blue chairs and the rug in the same color. I miss an english butler there, ready to serve you some afternoon tea…

The master bedroom, just as the rest of this classic house, very Dallas style. But I have to say that this overloaded classic style has something to it we do not appreciate anymore these days.

Is this rustic bathroom a bit too much for you?

What a home theater!!! Love it so charming, love the plush red and the overall look to it.

The hallway seems a bit more modern, like the plain soft colors.

How stylish is this bedroom? There is so much love and style to it, can you feel the same, all this crown moulding. The soft light green, the soft chairs, the rug, it is just the conjunction of all of it, so stunning.

This bathroom is very male, perfect for the owner, love this stained natural wood, so masculine!

Say farwell to this classic house, filled with memories and style!

Charming garden, stunning.