Luxury family estate, a dream home with timeless design!

Today my post is all about true luxury, it is about a luxury family estate to die for. This is the ultimate home everybody dreams about. There is nothing that has to be changed in this majestic mansion. We are talking about 22.000 sqf, high end interior design and love to details. It is a new construction in California, a huge dream home which offers everything you can dream about.l A garage for up to 15 cars, a tennis court, a home cinema, a huge open concept kitchen. The interior design concept in this luxury family estate is all about neutral colors. It is about discreet luxury and calm open spaces.

The very high ceilings make the big rooms even look bigger, there is space to entertain.

There is space enough for a pool house and also guest suites. The colors are basically all creme, beige and white. It is still for sale so it could be yours for 34 mio. dollars. Threre might be missing a few pieces like paintings on the wall or rugs on the floor, but you get the feeling when you walk through this luxury family estate that it has been created with a lot of consideration for details and comfortable spaces. All the rooms are really huge, but you never get the feeling of being lost in this elegant dream home. Let me walk you through the main entrance and see what pure luxury in an elegant mansion can mean.


This is the driveway to this luxury family estate, let-s wait and see what is hiding behind those gates.

This is a breathtaking view from this dream mansion,  a luxury home with a real impressive entrance, the arquitecture seems to be inspired by the colonial homes.


The pool is so majestic, the whole aspect from outside of this dream home is so inspiring. Difficult to find the words to express the feelings you have when you see such a luxury family estate.

A modern twist to this classic home, mirrored banquets with glass vases on top.

Also the creme and brown marble make a perfect harmony with the rest of the space.

This kitchen is perfect as being so timeless. Pure white and also the hardwood florr makes it look so simple yet with so much love to details. Just take a look at the countertops black marble. It  goes so well with the white cabinets, how much perfection in this luxury family estate!

There is even space for a big living room next to the kitchen, the modern sofas work so well with the rest of the rest. Plain grey, no need to overload this space with big patterns, less is always more!

Hardwood floor here as well, a long hallway which is paneled with timeless millwork. Everything is perfect in this luxury family estate, nothing to be changed.

The timeless elegance sweeps throughout all the home, classic furniture but with a modern twist.

The library has a more serious design, but matches with the rest of this dream home, the bookshelf needs to be filled yet.

Ideal if you fancy a movie at home. Maybe it would have been a good idea to put more seats in there, but the space looks calm.

The master suite has the same design concept as the rest of this luxury family estate.

A huge space with a very calm and timeless atmosphere.

Looks more like another living room, the master bathroom is as breathtaking as the rest of this timeless mansion. White marble and huge spaces make it look so beautiful!

The shower from the master suite, timeless.

Perfect for drinks after the workout, a beautiful bar next to the gym, also you can sit there watching your friends sweat…

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