Luxury masterpiece, a modern home with high-end design!

Having designed the interiors of so many mansions, it is difficult for me to find a home which leaves me breathless. But I luckily found a luxury masterpiece today which I want to share with my readers. It is a very serious and male inspired home, it is all about little but dark colors. It is about discreet furniture perfectly put together. The huge spaces are flooded with dayligh. There is nothing I would do different. The mastersuite is a two storey space which even has a sauna and a gym. All the more public entertainment areas are stunning. It is a clear example that little color and huge spaces can work together in perfect harmony. No room in this luxury masterpiece as big as it might seem looks empty. There is nothing missing in this faboulos mansion. This luxury masterpiece has no need to be filled up with antique furniture or paintings.

The spaces are just perfect, as there are only a few art pieces and nothing is too overpacked.

We can see a lot of brown and all its shades, there is some small spots of black and some grey. But the basic color which has been applied is brown. Also all the natural materials like stone, marble, wood and lots of glass make this luxury masterpiece an elegant and timeless mansion. So let me walk you through this breathtaking house. See what you can get when you are willing to move to Salt Lake City and able to spend more then 9 mio. dollars.

This home has something majestic and elegant to it, a real palace of a faitytale. But the new millenium version.

The outside is so stunning, but also non-pretentious.

Calm and inspiring, natural stone here as well.

Flooded with natural light makes this timeless yet modern entrance look even much better.

Have a look at the door, there is so much harmony in this luxury masterpiece.

Here as well, it is all about the necesary pieces nothing more, creme colors.

Very light patterns, open spaces, how much more perfection could you wish for?

Even though this is a very big and open concept space. You don-t have the feeling of getting lost in this luxury masterpiece. There is just so much harmony and love to detail. Also the hardwood floor is a perfect choice in combination with the light marble.

Words could not describe the harmony and the love I get from this space. All the details are pure elegance, especially the use of natural stone and marble makes this luxury masterpiece so beautiful.

Have a look at this stunning aquarium, this is the entertainment area on the basement.

The carpet on the floor helps to take the noise away.

The plain colors make this space look so comfy and calm.

One of the guestrooms, as the rest of this luxury masterpiece. The color creme is the basic where to start from, the rest takes care of itself.

Impossible not to feel at ease, natural materials which make anybody feel very comfortable. Brown can come in a lot of shades.

Huge spaces as well in the master suite of this luxury masterpiece. It has a gym and a saune, his and her-s bathroom, as well as walk in closets, a dream home.

The office space is modern but also cozy. There is nothing I would do different in here as well as in the rest of this luxury masterpiece.

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