Stunning Beach Cottage, ideal for summer!

As the summer has arrived, I do believe we are all in the mood for a summer home. It  is all about vacation, summer, the ocean and relaxing. It is one of these timeless homes where you just want to relax.Also  spend time with friends, have drinks and make yourself home. This house is ideal for families and people who love to have company. It is filled with natural light.                                                                                                                                  And what I love most about it is the discreet way things are organized. Let me take you on a tour and see for yourself if you would be able to spend your summer there. Or if you would change anything on the inside. This house offers a lot of elegant details, it has been created not only for summer. Maybe you would be able to spend the whole year in there, I can feel a very comfortable and cozy atmosphere. There is no room too formal or too overloaded.

This stunning beach cottage has this all-year-round feeling to it. I love the idea of spending  summer there. But I can as well imagine to live the all year long. Most of all the fireplace makes you feel comfy in winter.

The kitchen is just as timeless as the rest of the house. I can well see the combination between classic with a modern twist, this is the best way that you never stop loving the interior design. Hardwood floors are elements I use very often in the homes  I design. Above all, the combination with the white furniture looks fantastic. As a result, this stunning beach cottage is liveable all year round.

The breakfast nook is just off the kitchen, love the rustic table made from solid wood.

The dining room has an informal touch to it. Also, the plain tapestry makes if feel very light. Love the natural light coming in.

The formal living room is ideal for entertaining. You can have drinks there before dinner.

Love the combination of these very discreet patterns and colors.

The combination with very light and plain patterns makes the living room from this stunning beach cottage  timeless.

Relaxing, perfect for a rainy day.

Do you love geometric patterns as much as I do?


Interior design is all about details, it is about creating the perfect atmosphere.

Can you feel the positive energy flowing through this home?

I am  a huge fan of sunburst mirrors. This part of this stunning beach cottage has a very informal approach to it. As a result, there is no room where the interior design concept like looses the guideline of informal yet elegant and timeless.

Soft tapestry is the most important element for any classic bedroom, lots of pillows and sheets.

More tapestry and once again plain colors.

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