Timeless waterfront home, a beautiful place for summer!

Summer has just arrived! So let us all dream about a stunning vacation home. This timeless waterfront home is not only perfect for the summer season. I could very well see myself spending all the weekends there. So let me know if you feel the same!


This stunning and timeless waterfront home is just perfect from the outside. And also the inside hides a perfect balance between modern and classic, between beach and sun. Between open spaces and comfortable zones. Let me show you around and enjoy this elegant home even if it was just for a short time.


The pool is a very important element in any home, it is perfect to have a dip in summer. On the other hand, it feels just so relaxing when you just look at it and dream away, I always had the feeling as if the water was an element which seems to absorbe all our worries. Have you never felt just standing at the beach and talking to the waves?

The entrance is made with a clear inspiration which comes from open concept mixed with a very modern beach design.

The colors range from white to grey, also the piano is perfect for the entrance.


As I said so many times, and this timeless waterfront home proves it once again. Interior design is all about creating an atmosphere, the colors are in perfect harmony with the rest of the room.

There is nothing more relaxing then having a coffee first thing in the morning. Just looking outside the window and dreaming away.

This kind of kitchen is ideal when you like to entrain and having friends over.

There is no better color then white for any kitchen. Even more when it has sourroundings like sand and water, as we can see here in this timeless waterfront home.

Butlers pantries are very efficient, even more when it comes to such a big home. You can easily store away quickly the dirty plates and things you don-t want to lay around at the table.

I might have chosen a different wall paneling for the dining room. The olive wood does just not seem to be the right choice.

Entertaining spaces are all about sitting together in an informal space, this has more a home office touch to it.

Pure perfection, simple and plain colors, high ceilings, soft furnishings.

The master bedroom is informal and timeless, but at the same time it is elegant and feels cozy.

Pure heaven, clean, simple and beautiful.

Guest bedrooms should be just as inviting as the rest of the home. This space has a very natural and inviting feeling.

I do believe that this rug is a bit out of place. But still the room has a lot of natural light.

The basement is totally finished and carries a second laundry room. A space for entertaining, a bar, an indoor pool, so it really leaves no wish to be fulfilled.


This timeless waterfront home is the perfect place if you wish to disconnect and to spend some time with friends in summer.

Ideal for informal entertaining like drinks in the afternoon.

There is even a poolhouse, which can be used to acomodate your guests.

The poolhouse has the same timeless design as the rest of the home, plain yet elegant colors and very simple design.

Why would you wish to fill the poolhouse with clutter, when it is only a space where you spend littel time?

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